Making the deal

Ready to get started with Seitan cooking? Awesome! Here is what you need to get started:

Pots, pans and utensils

We’d expect most of you have the below at home already, but here is a list of good-to-have kitchen items for Seitan cooking:

  • Two small saucepans or pots, for lentils, chana dal and tomato sauce
  • One large pot or frying pan with high edges, for cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower
  • A few large bowls for holding ingredients (especially for the kale salad)
  • Wooden spatulas and spoons
  • Measuring cups
  • Spice jars, about 10 of them, e.g. Rajtan
  • Ingredient jars for paprika, chana dal, lentils and asafoetida, e.g. Korken


Spices and dry stuff

IngredientAlternative namesSwedish nameComments
Arada BerbereAradapepparEthiopian spice, chili-like
Arada ShiroMakes food musty
AsafoetidaHing powderDjävulsskitKeep in a sealed glass jar!
Bay leavesTejpattaLagerbladFor chana dal and chickpeas
Chana dalYellow split gramSmaller chickpeas
ChickpeasKikärterPrefer dry
Chickpea flourKikärtsmjöl
Cumin seedsWhole jeeraSpsikumminfröFry in oil for a few seconds
Cumin powderJeera powderSpiskummin
Curry powderMadras curryCurryUse mild, stronger if desired
Himalaya saltHimalayasaltMore Seitan than other salts
Mustard seedsSenapsfrön
PaprikaPaprikaBuy a lot, you’ll use it!
Red lentilsMasoor dalRöda linserResult will vary by quality
Sunflower seedsSolrosfrönWonderful when roasted
Turmeric powderHaldi powderGurkmejaMakes your stuff yellow

Liquids and canned ingredients

IngredientSwedish nameComments
Apple cider vinegarÄppelcidervinägerKey Seitan ingredient!
Crushed tomatoesKrossade tomaterWith or without spices
Jalapeños Jalapeños Quite spicy
Olive oilOlivoljaKey Seitan ingredient!
Sundried tomatoesSoltorkade tomaterUse the oil if available
TahiniSesampastaCrushed sesame

Fresh ingredients

IngredientSwedish nameComments
CarrotMorotRaw, with hummus
SpinachSpenatFresh for salads, frozen for cooking
Yellow onionGul lök